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  • Beam Width: 3
  • Beam Height: 5
  • Parallel or Offset Post Straps: Offset
  • Post Width (X): 3
  • Post Width (Y): 3
  • Corner Style: Square
  • Steel Thickness: 1/4"
  • What size diameter hardware are you using?: 3/8"
  • Hammer / Scalloping: No
  • Finish Required: Satin Black Powder Coat
  • Need it in a rush? (We will move you into production as soon as we have available space): No


Here are examples of custom decorative post to beam supporting brackets. These supporting brackets are made to be mounted on the top of a post that holds a girder or beam that passes through or terminates over the post. You can also have two beams meet at the butt ends over the top of a post using these timber brackets. These are also helpful when you need to marry a girder that is of a different thickness than the post it's connecting to. Our custom post/column to beam connecting caps are for connecting beams to the top of a post or column. These solid steel post to beam brackets are great for pergolas, gazebos, timber framing, pavilions, and other timber connection needs. Please be sure to know the ACTUAL SIZE of your timbers. These are built custom to the spec selected. so they fit your beams perfectly. Giving us your actual timber sizing will allow us to make the inside dimension 1/16" over so that you can easily slide the brackets on. If you want to have a super tight fit, just send us a note in your order when you check out and we will make them the size you selected. Hole size, finish and thickness are things we can custom fit as well. To determine the hole size, just select the diameter of screws you will be using to install these and we will make the holes sufficiently large enough for them to fit just right. Select the thickness of steel you'd like to use to make these and also the finish process you'd like. You can have them sent to you unfinished if you'd like to do that yourself and save a bit of money or you can have us do it for you. For quantity pricing, select the sizing you need, the quantity and put them into the cart. You will see the discounted price in the cart for the quantity of pieces you need. If you have a custom design you want made, you can contact us directly at (715) 718-0781. These steel brackets are custom made to fit your post or beam project You can select quantity, thickness, size, hole size/placement and finish for your custom timber brackets. Please be sure to know the ACTUAL SIZE of your timbers. When ordering, make sure to get the correct size for your timbers as these are custom made to order. Due to them not sitting on a shelf, they cannot be returned due to the wrong size being ordered. To order yours or for any questions, give us a call at (715) 718-0781. Your project will typically take between 1 and 2 weeks to manufacture. If you need to have them sooner (if you need them in a rush), please select "rush" when ordering. We will get them out as soon as we possibly can. ATTENTION: TO SEE YOUR QUANTITY PRICING, PLEASE SELECT YOUR QUANTITY AND THEN VIEW THE CART.



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