Facial or Flat Brackets / Truss Plates

Custom Facial Brackets, also known as Flat Brackets or Truss Plate Connectors, are one of the fundamental components of a truss-supported roof system. They provide solid, reliable connections between multiple beams or trusses, whether in residential homes or commercial buildings. Face timber brackets are used on the "face" of the beams or truss to secure them together in place and are made from premium metal to maintain their functionality and durability. These truss brackets can also be used for pergolas, timber framing, and more.

Get Custom Face Timber Brackets for Your Unique Application

If you're looking for face timber brackets custom-tailored for your application, Cutting Edge Metals has you covered. We can create fully customized flat brackets that meet your requirements, including structure, design, size, thickness, hole size, hole replacement, and finish. From large-scale construction projects to private building applications, you can trust Cutting Edge Metals to provide high-quality truss brackets for your unique needs. Contact us to discuss your project today.

Truss Brackets Customized to Your Specifications

At Cutting Edge Metals, we produce custom-crafted metal components of all styles, sizes, and applications, including face timber brackets. We use premium steel to craft your custom face timber brackets, ensuring they achieve your application's load-bearing requirements. With a variety of finish options, you can match the bracket seamlessly to your project's aesthetic, be it rustic, modern, or anything in between. Our selection of timber brackets include:

Benefits of Choosing Cutting Edge Metals for Your Flat Brackets

We are passionate about providing customers with metalwork they love. When you choose Cutting Edge Metals for your flat brackets and other custom metal parts, you can count on:
  • 100% Custom Designs: Get exactly what you need, from size & thickness to intricate patterns.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: We have over 20 years of metalworking experience, providing custom solutions for a wide range of commercial and private applications.
  • Style & Strength: From traditional to modern designs, we can craft face timber brackets that achieve your aesthetic goals while providing the strength required for your application.
  • Fast Order Turnaround: We process orders efficiently without compromising quality, meaning you can get custom truss brackets with minimal order turnaround time.
  • Nationwide Shipping Options: We ship nationwide from our location in Superior, WI, meaning you can get our custom face timber brackets no matter your location.

Contact Us to Order Face Timber Brackets

Ready to get the perfect flat timber brackets for your application? Contact Cutting Edge Metals today, and our friendly staff will walk you through the ordering process. For ultimate customization, strength, and a beautiful finished product, choose Cutting Edge Metals for your face timber brackets.

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