Custom Joist Hangers

Steel joist hangers are essential for securely supporting rafter beams and floor joists. At Cutting Edge Metals, we produce custom joist brackets, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics. Our joist hangers are crafted from premium steel, ensuring that rafters and supporting beams are effectively held in their intended positions. We adhere to rigorous quality control processes to guarantee our products function flawlessly while maintaining their visual appeal over time. With a wide range of custom options, Cutting Edge Metals helps you get the perfect joist brackets and rafter hangers to match your project's needs.

Rafter Hangers & Joist Brackets Customized to Your Specifications

At Cutting Edge Metals, we specialize in providing customers with premium metal products fully customized for each application. Our metal manufacturing capabilities allow us to create custom joist hangers in a wide range of styles, including:

Joist Brackets in the Size & Thickness for Your Specific Application

Does your project require non-standard sizes or thicknesses for your joist brackets? At Cutting Edge Metals, we can make joist hangers in any size or thickness, ensuring you have the correct dimensions for your application.

Premium Steel for Rugged Durability

We use premium steel for all our components, meaning you can trust that your joist brackets and rafter hangers will last for decades.

Custom Joist Finish Options to Match Your Unique Aesthetic

With a range of finish options, we can produce custom joist hangers that perfectly match the aesthetic of your application. Our finish options include bare (to produce a patina finish), painted, or powder coated.

Your Source for Custom Joist Hangers & More

Located in Superior, Wisconsin, we produce custom metal structures for customers nationwide. Our custom work includes rafter hangers, timber brackets, fencing, post brackets, signs, and much more. We also distribute premium hardware to match your metal components. We are passionate about providing customers with metalwork they love, emphasizing both quality and aesthetics. If you're looking for a metal fabricator to create your custom parts, Cutting Edge Metals is here for you!

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Create Your Custom Joist Brackets

Contact us online or call (715)718-0781 to learn how we can craft the perfect custom joist hangers for your application. Cutting Edge Metals is your one-stop solution for custom metalwork!

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