Timber Brackets

Start your journey into making your residential or commercial projects durably structured by ordering the best quality timber brackets you can find from Cutting Edge Metals. The custom timber brackets will fit just the way you need them. Since every metalwork we offer are all custom, we are giving the customer the freedom to choose their own designs for their items. We make beam hangers, truss plates, joist hangers, post brackets, and more in any configuration such as size, shape, design, thickness, hole placement, and hole size among any other configurations. We also offer different product finish such as weathered, unfinished, painted, or powder coated to your liking. It is our responsibility to verify that our product quality meets your project standards while validating your personal or business needs.

Function and Aesthetics

Steel timber plates can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits when used to reinforce wooden beams in a home. By attaching steel timber plates to wooden beams, homeowners can strengthen the structure of their home to withstand greater loads and stresses. At the same time, steel timber plates can also change the appearance of wooden beams by adding a modern and industrial look. They can come in a range of sizes and unique designs, allowing homeowners to select the perfect style to match their home's aesthetic. Whether you want to create a bold statement or add a subtle touch of sophistication, steel timber plates can elevate the look of wooden beams in your home.