Who Are We?

We are a custom metal manufacturer of architectural elements. We are a small business that has been built from the ground up, started out in Arizona in the mid 2000’s. We relocated to the Twin Ports area in 2010 and have been growing ever since. Started in a small garage by our CEO Mike Miller, we have expanded and grown thanks to our customers who have been supporting us throughout the years. We now have 10,500 sq. feet of space and are looking to grow further as we move forward. We are in Superior WI right across the bridge from Duluth MN, in the Twin Ports and we ship globally. 

The Best Made Custom Timber Brackets and Iron Work

We are an award-winning manufacturer of custom timber frame brackets, railings, signs, fireplaces, and other metalworks based on our customer’s specifications. We offer plasma cutting, welding, fabrication, press brake, painting, powder coating, and other finishing processes for the metalworks. If desired or needed, we also offer mounting hardware such as bolts, lags, nuts, and washers to assemble your project with the best fit possible or to match the coating of your order for aesthetic purposes.

Series of Designs and Types of Metalworks on High Demand

Our assorted products cover every metal part that you need for your project. For Timber Brackets, we make:

These brackets are handmade and fully customized, from accurate dimensions to complex designs, to perfectly fit your needs. We also offer other metalworks such as:

Thanks to our experts and our tested machinery, your order will be taken care of. We make metalworks for builders, architects, engineers, artists, enthusiasts, business owners, homeowners, designers, commercial, and municipalities. Our two decades of experience have led us to produce high quality products that are customizable and highly competitive in a fabrication industry for a small business. Our expertise will make sure that the product meets the project’s requirements and your satisfactions.

Consumer Website Interaction

Find the exact part you are looking for, build it using your specifications, see what it will look like in 3D render, then buy your part right on our website. You can create your part on our website live 24/7 and then place your custom order in a seamless transaction. If the design you need is not available in our 3D rendering software or if you need any assistance, one of our order representatives will be able to assist you by contacting us during our business hours.

Certified Metal Integrity

Manufactured and specialized by our certified contractors and suppliers, our metal is guaranteed to provide the highest quality custom metal for any kinds of project, from home comfort to building skyscrapers. From aluminum to stainless steel, our material is all American, fabricated and refined by American experts, and located at the Twin Ports area at Wisconsin USA.

An Award-Winning Manufacturing Privatized Corporation

Cutting Edge Metals Inc. has been awarded as The Small Business of the Year in 2017 by Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, an American Job Center serving 10 northwest Wisconsin counties. My team were delighted to receive this reward and continue to thrive to achieve auspicious business for our employers and our customers. At Cutting Edge Metals we believe by providing excellent customer service and producing the highest quality product, our company will continue to grow and expand.   



Contest winner: May 2020 David N.

This stunning picture was sent to us by one of our great customers, highlighting our truss plates. What a beautiful way to dress up your home. If you'd like to see truss plates and get some more ideas, look at our facial or flat brackets/truss plates link, under timber brackets. We'll be happy to help you design your project and make it come to life. Our goal is to make for you something you can be proud of and show off for many years to come.