Need to show off your brand or company name? Want a durable sign that freely expresses your personality? If yes to all, your building will be heavily recognized, you will be motivated by reading inspirational quotes, legal documents, or express affections, or merely just for decoration by using the metal signs produced by Cutting Edge Metals Inc. This page contains metal signs and cutouts we have made for our customers. You can customize them from design, cutouts, stand-offs, size, thickness, and finish. We will make sure that you will be given the product that meets your requirements and expectations. Please contact us using our work number at (715) 718-0781 to discuss your project with us.

Making signs are something we have been doing for many years. Free standing, wall mounted, or hanging signs are the three main styles we make. We can backlight them with LED lights, or we can set them up so you can customize them yourself. We work with you on design, whether you have a logo already to work from or just a concept to start with. We can help you with design if needed so coming up with the desired sign for your business is our specialty. Your sign can be one sided, two-sided, or boxed on all six sides. Commercial signs can have different finish concepts from painted to powder coated, rusted, or just clear coated. Our commercial signs are professional and give your customer the right impression as soon as they see them. It is the face of your business, so we want to make sure that your customers are impressed when they walk through your doors. Give us a call to discuss your ideas for a new sign for your business.