Custom Metal Signs & Cutouts

Are you looking for a custom metal sign to display your brand or company name? Perhaps you want a durable sign to add an aesthetic presence or express your personality. At Cutting Edge Metals, we custom manufacture metal signs and cut outs for commercial and residential applications. Custom metal signs can include inspirational quotes, legal documents, expressions of affection, or simply add a decorative element to a space. With custom design, cutouts, stand-offs, size, thickness, and finish options, we ensure you will receive the product that meets your requirements and expectations. Contact us at (715)718-0781 to discuss your project's details.

Commercial & Residential Metal Signs

At Cutting Edge Metals, we have produced custom metal signs for commercial and residential customers for many years. We manufacture three primary styles of metal signs: free-standing, wall-mounted, and hanging. We work with you on design whether you already have a logo to work from or are starting with a concept. We can also assist you with design if needed, helping you find the best sign for your business. Your sign can be one-sided, two-sided, or boxed on all six sides.

Custom Metal Business Signs

As the face of your business, your commercial signage can visually represent the quality of goods or services you provide. At Cutting Edge Metals, our custom commercial signs are available with different finish concepts, from painted to powder coated, rusted, or clear-coated. Our custom business signs are professionally crafted, giving your customers the best impression from the moment they see your sign. Looking for creative inspiration for your commercial metal signs? Contact us to discuss your ideas for a new sign for your business.

Custom Metal Residential Signs

In addition to commercial signs, we produce metal signs for residential applications. Our custom residential signs include metal cut outs of family names, decorative signs for indoor or outdoor display, and other residential signage.

Backlit Metal Signs

We also manufacture custom backlit metal signs. Backlit signs create an attractive dimensional effect when illuminated at night. We can backlight our custom metal signs using LED lights or set them up so you can customize them yourself. Backlit metal signs are a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Searching for "Custom Metal Signs Near Me?" Cutting Edge Metals is Your Solution

Located in Superior, WI, we supply customers nationwide with custom metal signs. We work closely with our customers through the design process, ensuring the metal signs we produce achieve each unique application's specification and aesthetic requirements. In addition to signs, we manufacture fencing, gates, railings, fireplace surrounds, and other custom metal pieces and structures. View our gallery to see our custom metalwork.

Contact Us for Custom Metal Signs & Cut Outs

Contact us online or call (715)718-0781 to learn how we can provide custom metal signs and cut outs for your application. Whether you are looking for a commercial metal business sign or a residential backlit metal sign, Cutting Edge Metals is your solution.