Chief Executive Officer and President of CEM

Mike Miller has been developing wrought iron designs and fabricating different pieces on and off for 20+ years. He is passionate about incorporating his artistic side for metal design and is motivated to get his hands dirty to provide the best metalwork to match or exceed the customers’ satisfaction. Over the years, his friends have nicknamed him "Iron Mike" for obvious reasons. Born and raised on a lake in Minnesota, Mike loves the trees and water that the state can offer. "Duluth/Superior is such a beautiful place to live and it is my home. My whole family is up here. I'm lucky to have the opportunity to grow up here with all the great people of Minnesota and Wisconsin." says Mike.

The Company

We are a custom metalworking company that builds the best architectural elements money can buy. We take a lot of pride in our work and it shows through our finished projects and customer feedback. We follow a stringent Quality Control (QC) process to ensure that the customers will get the absolute best work from us. We proudly carry our name from dimension planning to processing metalwork and shipping projects.
Our work can be seen in numerous places across the US which makes us proud of who we are and what we have achieved as a company. The return business and compliments come streaming in regularly (really, check them out on our site!) and it fuels us to work in our best effort. We sincerely want to thank our customers for allowing us to build for them and their projects. We are deeply proud to see the photos sent to us by our customers showing how our efforts demonstrated high quality by supporting the projects that they have envisioned and planned for months or even years. When you are sitting under a pergola you built with our brackets or looking at a deck railing, sign or fireplace surround we made for you, we want you to be as fascinated and proud as we are. That is what drives us to move forward and expand our company. So, thank you! It is a great pleasure to have a business with you.


We believe that customers should have the ability to customize their metalworks rather than buy generic ones just to satisfy the need to assemble timbers for their projects. We have seen generic brackets that either have weak foundations or are designed for structural purposes only. Cutting Edge Metals Inc. revolutionized how brackets should be represented in the industry. We have gathered excellent designers, builders, and project managers to incorporate art into the process.

We want our company in a position where technology meets business, which is why we are stepping our business up by letting customers use our embedded Live 3D Rendering Software on our website. As the business grows, depending on the company size and customer demand, we will incorporate more technology such as Augmented Reality to maximize the functionality of AR-supported computing devices such as smart phones and tablets to improve user experience.


Our mission was set out from the beginning to develop the most beautiful and useful architectural hardware for builders, architects, engineers, homeowners, commercial applications, and municipalities. We strive to fill a need to build timber brackets that will fit the timbers, rather than have our customers try to make their timbers fit a bracket. We consider it a privilege to be able to make the best quality, nicest-looking hardware available. As we evolve, our commitment to make better architectural hardware will always be our goal.