At Cutting Edge Metals, we use premium hardware for all our metalwork pieces to assemble your project's components. Our installation hardware includes screws, washers, bolts, sockets, and nuts with various sizes to fit your metal parts perfectly. Order our high-quality structural fasteners and hardware in any quantity.

Installation Hardware for Brackets, Signs, & More

Our selection of installation hardware includes structural fasteners, hardware for signs and brackets, and more. With our custom finish capabilities, we can supply hardware that matches the finish of your custom metal pieces and structures. Our hardware includes:
  • Lag Screws: Large wood screws with coarse threads and a pointed tip, used to secure heavy objects to wood
  • Bolts: Threaded fasteners typically used with nuts to join parts and components together
  • Nuts: Internally threaded hex or square fasteners used with bolts to secure objects
  • Washers: Used to distribute pressure, prevent damage, & improve stability
  • Sockets: Tools designed to apply torque to tighten or loosen bolts or nuts

Cutting Edge Metals is Your Source for Custom Metalwork & Hardware

At Cutting Edge Metals, everything we produce is custom-made. Located in Superior, WI, we provide customers nationwide with premium metalwork. We work closely with our customers to ensure the ironwork we create meets each project's unique specifications and aesthetic requirements. We manufacture custom metalwork for commercial, residential, and municipal applications, including fencing, gates, railings, fireplace surrounds, and more. If you're looking for custom ironwork and hardware for your application, choose Cutting Edge Metals.

Contact Us to Order Hardware for Signs, Structural Fasteners, & Other Hardware

Contact our team online or call (715)718-0781 to learn more about our premium hardware. From hardware for brackets to structural fasteners, Cutting Edge Metals is your source for high-quality installation hardware for metal structures.