Sockets are used to connect hardware, to the timbers. With all the different sizes available at Cutting Edge Metals, you will find the right socket for your needs.

Why should you consider buying sockets from us for your square-head lags or bolts?

  1. Convenience: Providing sockets with square head bolts saves customers the hassle of having to find or purchase compatible sockets separately. This convenience can streamline the purchasing process and make it easier for you to acquire all the necessary components for your projects in one place.

  2. Compatibility: Ensuring that the supplied sockets are compatible with the square head bolts helps to avoid any compatibility issues that you might encounter if you were to source sockets independently. This ensures a proper fit and functionality of the bolts and sockets together.

  3. Quality Assurance: By supplying sockets along with square head bolts, you can ensure that you are receiving high-quality sockets that are suitable for use with the bolts. This helps to maintain consistency and quality across all components of the product package.