Here are some Custom Iron Railing projects made for our customers. From the most basic railing you can get to the most intricate, baroque-style or elemental-style decorative railing you can come up with, we can make them all. We make commercial, municipal, and residential railings. All railing parts are made from scratch to secure its authenticity. We can offer to install the railings ourselves if you are within 150 miles of our location in Superior WI, ship them to you if requested, or you can pick them up right at our location. Please talk to us if you have questions or need help planning for your project. If you are in the planning stage, we would like to know the linear footage and how many runs you have currently to get a quote. If you have sketch or drawings that you want to show us, you can send them to us using our contact info or the email provided by our order representative to give you a quote in advance. We will offer some assistance to help you come up with a great design to fit into your space if you do not have any sketch or drawings in hand.