Backlit LED Signs

LED signs are something we've been doing for many years. The lighting we put in these signs is very colorful and you can set the program to run how you want them to look. Free standing, wall mounted or hanging signs are the three main styles we make. We can backlight them with LED lighting or we can set them up so you can yourself. We work with you on design, whether you have a logo already to work from or just a concept to go off. We help with design if needed and have CAD drawing capability here so coming up with the desired sign is our specialty. Your sign can be one sided, two-sided or boxed on all six sides. LED signs can have different finish concepts from painted to powder coated to rusted to just clear coated. Our LED signs are professional and give you the look your going for. Give us a call at (715)718-0781 to discuss your ideas for a new sign for you.
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