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Post Bracket Bottoms and Tops

Here are post brackets that can be used on the top and the bottom of your posts. From basic post bases to uplift post brackets to caps that connect other beams, we make them all. You can contact us at (715) 718-0781 to get a quote. There are different sizes, thicknesses, finished, etc. that determine your pricing so it's best if you call. That way, we can get you the best pricing on your specific project. 


Square Head Lags - SQHDL - We also offer square head lags for your project. They are the perfect addition to a rustic, industrial looking project. These are black oxide, unlike a typical zinc plated hex head screw. If you'd like to order some, give us a call at (715) 718-0781.




Post Caps and Bands - (PSP-10) - These high end post caps and bands dress up a railing post very nicely. These are very rustic, hammered and industrial looking. We hand make the clavos that go with them and hammer and mark up the caps and straps to make them very "aged" looking. These are a superb way to dress up your posts.  








Post/Column Caps - (PTC-10) - These are to connect multiple beams to the top of a column. These can have straps on the bottom or we can include the straps separate so you can field weld them on while installing to the posts or columns. We make left, right or centered so you'll want to keep that in mind when you are ordering. You can specify the inside dimensions to fit your beams perfectly and also the height so aesthetically, they look great installed in your building or home. Remember to also let us know what size bolts or lags you'll be using so we can drill the holes the correct size to make an easy fit.












Post / Column Cross Brackets - (PTCC-14) - This is the same idea as the bracket above. Sits on top of a post and allows 4 beams to intersect in the top of that post. We can run straps or a sleeve down the post section. This can be custom in thickness, size, shape and design. We can really make it fit perfectly into your project. Call us at (715) 718-0781 to discuss this and any others you like.





Post / Girder Brackets (PTG-10) - Here's some custom decorative post and girder/beam bracket. These brackets are for mounting on the top of a post, that will be holding a girder or beam. This is helpful when you are trying to marry a girder that is a different thickness than the post it's going on. We will custom make this to the size/specs that you need. Just get a hold of us to talk about your project.

post-to-girder-bracket-30.jpgdptg-10-5.jpg-Decorative Post and Beam Brackets





Post to Beam Bracket Standoff - PTGS-11This is a really decorative way to put a beam on top of a post. This will stand off a bit from the post, giving you a bit of lift. The mix between wood and steel in this one is beautiful. You can talk to us about your project at (715) 718-0781. 

ptgs-11-4.jpg Standoff post to beam bracketsptgs-11-2.jpg Stand off post to beam brackets


4 - Sided Post Brackets - (PB-4S)- These brackets are made to either slide a  post through them or just mount to the floor and hold the post in place. These are more for new construction than existing. If we get the exact measurement of the post, we can custom make these to fit perfectly.



pb-4s-355.jpg 4 Sided Post Bracketspb-4s-357.jpg 4 Sided Post Brackets

4 Sided Post Bracket w/Round Flange4 Sided Post Bracket w/Round Flange




3 - Sided Post Brackets - (PB-3S) - These brackets were made to strengthen an existing post system. These are slipped over the existing posts and mounted to the floor to sturdy them up and keep the railing safe.

post-brackets-3.jpgpb-3s-52.jpg - 3-sided post bracket



2 - Sided Post Brackets - (PB-2S) - These post brackets are very easy to install and look great if you are putting up new posts. The post will be fastened inside these brackets and also secured to the floor. We can make any size/shape of brackets. Get a hold of us to discuss your project.





Decorative Post Brackets - (DPB-2S) - These two sided decorative post brackets are so simple to install and they dress up your posts, giving them that rustic, industrial look. Adding these is as simple as placing at the base of the post and bolting into the flooring and post. These will add value to your home and look great for years. Not only decorative, these will hold your posts in place as intended. Different thicknesses and sizes are our specialty. Just give us a call to discuss your project.





Uplift Post Brackets - (UPB-10) - These uplift post brackets are to keep your posts off the floor, where water damage can occur. All you need to order these is the actual size of your posts, quantity needed, thickness, hole size and finish and we can custom make them to your specifications.






4 POST LIGHT BRACKETS - (4-PLB) - These brackets make a beautiful statement for your entry way to your home. These are meant to be used with 4 posts, all together to make a intriguing column that can be lighted to add ambiance. These have holes punched out of them to allow light to filter through the holes, giving it that extra touch of class you're looking for. 





FACE MOUNT POST BRACKETS - (PB-FM-10) - Here are some face mount post brackets. These are 4 sided and are great for mounting an upper floor balcony or on a deck where you want to maximize your square footage. You can custom order these to any size post and put a wide array of finishes on them. Just give us a holler at 715-718-0781 to discuss your project.





Round Uplift Post Brackets - (UPBR-14)- These brackets are just to lift a round log post off the ground to help keep it dry. These have holes in them to mount to the cement and an access hole to be able to tighten the cement anchor. Or, you can mount these directly to the post and they can sit on the cement. One other option is to have us weld straps on the sides so that you can secure both the bracket to the cement and also the post to the bracket. Call 715-718-0781 to discuss the specifics of your project and we can make a solution for you and get you a quote.





Custom Swing Set Brackets - (SSW-15) - Custom made swing set brackets. These make installing that swing set much easier. We can custom make these to any size. We can put a finish on them too for your project. These particular ones in the pictures have been hammered and then powder coated black for a great finish. Give us a call at (715) 718-0781 to discuss it.




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