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Welding Repair

Welding Repair

If you have a welding repair need, we can most likely help you. You can get a hold of us for emergency repairs and we'll respond as quickly as possible. Below, you'll see a few different things that we have repaired for customers in need. We strive to give you the best, quickest service we possibly can. Give us a call at 218-464-0456 and let us help you.


Here is a commercial mower that needed a battery tray and a fender added. We quickly spec'd the parts, cut them out and put them all together for this customer. We can do these types of jobs quickly and efficiently to help you get back on the road to making that machine earn you a living, rather than costing you time and money sitting.



Here is a light pole we repaired for a customer who has had this for a very long time. Every time he has moved, he's taken this down and taken it with him. This last time, he cut it in half. We sleeved the inside of where the cut was and welded it all back together. We then, repaired the flange on the mounting base by cutting away the broken areas and replacing it with new metal. Then, we made a custom flange that he can weld some rebar pins on and bury in cement, allowing him to have a very sturdy base to mount the light pole to. All painted up, this is going to look great once again.






Here we fixed a mower deck. It was cracked and the holes were bored out so that the pulleys didn't fit snug. We closed up the holes a bit by welding around them and welded both sides of the cracks in the deck. We didn't want to grind them smooth as it would have not been as strong. Then, we put a little color on to match the original deck. If you have a need, don't go buying a new deck before you check with us. It costs a fraction of what a new deck does to fix these. The first two pictures are of it before and the second two are after.





Here we fixed a skid bucket that was basically in pieces. The edge was broken and torn in the middle, the bucket itself was torn apart. We cut off what we couldn't salvage and saved what we could save. Added a double blade and reinforced the interior of the bucket. Now "it's new" according to our customer.



Here we fixed a skid bucket that had a bent attachment assembly. We cut off the old and replaced with a new one and it works great now. The best we could do photo-wise is get a picture of the skid driving off while the customer was testing out the bucket to make sure it didn't fall off. Looks like we accomplished that goal just fine.



Here we replaced the front end of a hydraulic lift for a dump bed on a 1-ton truck. The old lift was so rusted that it froze and was warping the frame on the truck bed. We also notched the back end so that it would lift much higher than before, giving it a true "dump" feature. It works like a champ now.




Here is a plow a customer called us about. We went and picked it up at their plow site and took it to our shop, rebuilt it and had it finished by that afternoon. This plow frame was completely torn in two pieces (wish we would have remembered to take "before" pictures). We disassembled the plow frame, cleaned up the pieces that were torn and cut out filler pieces for the frame. Then we aligned the frame, welded it together and fish plated both sides of the frame. This plow frame is now "better than new." 



This is a "Skid Plate" Plow Mounting Bracket for a 6-Wheeler for a customer. This plate was cut out of 3/16" plate, then his mounting bracket was welded on and the plow was installed. The "Skid Plate" Bracket replicated the plastic one that came on the machine stock exactly so the stock look was retained. Now the machine is much tougher and can also carry a snowplow.



Here's a dock that was hit by the flood, June 20, 2012 in the Fond Du Lac area. The river had become so inflamed and full of debris, that it literally ripped the dock from it's legs and bent it to pieces. The owner of this dock was able to salvage about half of it and we built new legs, straightened a few pieces and put them all back together and got the dock back in the river so he and his wife can sit out there now and watch a sunset. Here is the dock before we worked on it and then when we just got it in the lake, after we leveled it a bit. Can you find the dock in the first picture? It's in pretty good shape now. We even added a bench to it.



Here is a soccer net we repaired for a local soccer league. They wanted to make these soccer nets mobile. Initially, we cut them out of the ground and pieced the frame back together, adding a support across the back to strengthen them and make them whole. Then we added some wheels to make them easy to move around the field. Now the coaches can have the kids move the soccer nets around the field when they want to split the field up in different ways. This makes coaching much more productive and allows them for flexibility in their practices.



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