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Custom Projects
Here are some recent custom projects by Cutting Edge Metals

Of course we had to make our own sign. This sign is 8' wide by 5' tall and back lit with LED lighting that is remote control. It's also got a black powder coat finish on it to keep it nice for a long time to come. Get a hold of us to discuss one of your own. Call (715) 718-0781.





Here is a coffee table that we will now be manufacturing for the public. This particular one has a red cedar top, wrapped in steel, with a steel frame built underneath that attaches to the legs. This is a very solid, high end piece. This will last a lifetime and you can set an elephant on top of it (please don't). This particular table is 48"Lx24"Wx21"T but we can make custom sizes and make custom tops from steel to whatever suits you. We will be adding more furniture to our list of products but for now, this is the flagship offering.

cem-coffee-table-1.jpg Steel and Wood Coffee Talbes

cem-coffee-table-2.jpg Steel and Wood Coffee Talbescem-coffee-table-3.jpg Steel and Wood Coffee Talbes

cem-coffee-table-4.jpg Steel and Wood Coffee Talbescem-coffee-table-6.jpg Steel and Wood Coffee Talbes

cem-coffee-table-5.jpg Steel and Wood Coffee Talbes


This is a decorative door pull we made for a customer that they put in a beautiful home they're building. This was made by hand. It fastens on the door using two bolts that you'd drill through the door to fasten on the other side with nuts and washers. It works really well. We can also make pocket pulls for the other side of the door. Give us a call with your project at (715) 718-0781.

Scroll Cap Door Pull






Here is a 6' wide LED back lit sign we did for a customer here in Superior, WI. White Cedar Studio is a fantastic jeweler in Superior, WI. They make some of the finest, most unique pieces we've seen. Look them up if you haven't found them yet. This sign is made of 1/8" thick steel and boxed in to add depth, then airbrushed to look like slate. We then installed LED lighting and put access holes in it to install it with the tabs on the back. This is a super solid sign that will compliment this incredible business. If you want to discuss a project, call us at 715-718-0781. 





Here is a memorial we did for UPS. They are a very good customer of ours and we wanted to help them out on short notice. This piece is 7' wide by 6' tall when put all together. There are three pieces. We cut them out, cut out the trucks, shield, birds and then stenciled on the buildings. Then, it was all airbrushed with automotive paint by our fantastic painters and we crated it up and got it out of here in 4 days. Not too shabby for only 4 days to work on it.




Here is a sign we did for a good customer of ours that was a gift for a man who owns his own fitness company. This is a very nice gift. We textured the steel how we wanted it, then sprayed it with Kandy Colors to give it a nice effect. 

Phoenix Sign


Here is a 6' wide cut out of Lake Superior we did for a local engineering firm. They gave it as a gift to the owners for their 10 year anniversary. A very nice gift for them. We welded a french cleat on the back and some standoffs so that they can hang it on the wall and it will look spectacular. This was also rusted and clear coated. 




We made some trade show displays for a customer of ours. These will hold a ton of weight and are adjustable both wider and narrower. The side pieces will also rotate a bit to show different angles. They are put together and will also come apart in minutes. Heavy duty. Rustic looking. Solid. The best trade show displays available anywhere. Just ask us.



This is a sign we made for a customer that has an engineering company locally here in Duluth, MN. They wanted a rusted background with raised, brushed aluminum letters. We obliged. This is made from .125"thk steel, rusted and clear coated with .250"thk aluminum, which we brushed for the customer after mounting some standoffs. This came out great. You can get a hold of us to go over your project at 218-464-0456.



Here is an award we made for the Tim Tebow Foundation. It's called the "Life of Significance" award. It's for someone who has taken a tragic situation in their life and has done something really positive with their life. We love this award. Designed by Nancy Miller and fabricated by us here at Cutting Edge Metals LLC. Marble base with their logo cut out of 1/2"steel and then forged into what you see here. We then put a patina on the metal to make it look like it is pewter. If you have a special award you need made, get a hold of us at 218-464-0456 or email us at info@cuttingedgemetals.com .

Custom Marble Pewter Trophy 

Custom Marble Pewter Trophy


 We cut out and rusted a 48"x56" bulldog head for UMD here in Duluth, MN. We then put some standoffs on it so they could epoxy it into the wall. This is made from .250"thk steel. We can put pretty much any idea into motion. Give us a holler at 218-464-0456.



We made this light pole bracket for a customer who is putting it on a sport court. This will have lightsattached to it and will add that special touch to his athletic space. A louisville slugger is one of the most iconic bats ever made and is something that is very easily recognized. Have a special project you want us to look at? We'd be happy to. Give us a call at 218-464-0456.




Custom Coat Hangers are one thing we think we do well. We can take an image and incorporate it to some text you'd like on the hanger and airbrush paint it so it looks spectacular. Give us a call at 218-464-0456 to discuss one you'd like to make.









A set of custom heavy duty lockers were made for one of our military branches main tool room. This is to hold many different sets of tools that their mechanics use to work on fighter jets and then need to lock up when they are done with them. Each locker was custom fit to hold their cases with all the tools in them. We can make any size, shape and design of lockers. If you have a locker project you'd like to talk to us about, click on the contact us link and get a hold of us. You can also call us direct at 218-464-0456.




It's time for the Labo Awards again. We came up with a bit different design for 2017. We just love doing this job for these fine folks. I'd have to say, one of our most fun projects. This award goes out to entrepreneurs that embody success in many different ways and fields. This is a inspiring luncheon to go to and we're so very glad to be a part of it. Thank you to the UMD Center for Economic Development for this project.






Here are some corporate gifts we made for UPS that are going to be given to represent their very first fully automated center that is going up in the world. We were asked to make a bunch of these but only photographed a few of them. We can make corporate gifts and awards from just a single piece to the 100's. We were able to get dozens of these out in just a couple days. Contact us at 218-464-0456 if you have a project to discuss for your company.




Here is a sign we made for a customer that has a catering and event center. This is backlit with LED's and framed in steel. These lights can be set on a single color or change to many different colors. It's a very sharp sign for his business. Enjoy the pictures of this custom business sign. If you'd like to discuss one, you can reach us at 218-464-0456.



This is a bunch of bench frames we made for a local church in the Duluth area. These are holding pieces of granite that they had cut to size and we framed them in with steel. The color looks great on these. Nice work on them you guys and gals at the Copper Top Church.




Here is a table that we made the legs for. The customer's builder made the top but we added the "I-Beam" legs. We think this is a pretty industrial looking table. It is really heavy. This isn't one of those little sissy tables that break the first time you set your tea pot on it.



This is a custom table base we fabricated up for a customer per their drawing. Look at that top! Beautiful combination of the wood and steel. The base is out of hammered tubing, welded together with a oil rubbed bronze powder coat. The final table looks very classy.



Here are a couple maple leaf signs we make. This is a 36" wide sign by roughly 40"T and the letters are brushed aluminum, set on a rusted mild steel background. This will continue to patina over time but slowly as we've sprayed it with a clear coat to stop bleeding. This is going to be set off their wall by about an inch and the letters are set off by almost another inch from the mild steel background. You can have us design a custom sign for you by simply calling us at 218-464-0456.








This was a super fun project. The owner of a really classy bar/restuarant in Carlton, MN had us modify this streetcar that they are planning on using in parades and as a marketing piece. We rebuilt the frame to support thier wooden "cab" and we added new steel decks, railing and decorative parts to this custom build. We added the headlamp, a shelf on the back for a coin box they wanted installed and added some numbering and clovers into the framing of the decorative pieces. They then took it and painted it, adding the final touches on to it before fitting the cab and securing it with our mounting brackets.








Here is a 10' wide sign we're making for a new winery going up on the north shore of Lake Superior. This will be near Lutsen and is going to be an absolutely stunning place. We're grateful to have been chosen for this job and we can't wait to see it hanging in their drive to the winery. Lutsen will have more class added this year when this winery opens up. Great place to be, even greater people who own it. This sign is made of Corten steel and aluminum, which we added a brushed look to. This is going to be a beautiful contrast. The second picture is with the owners of the NorthShore Winery. Chuck and Jayden. Kim is taking the photo. I wish I would have instead. No need for my mug to be in this photo.




This is a 6'W sign that we made for a customer that is going to mount it on a boulder. These are custom cut out letters for a company that had an attorney's office for the client. They also had a CPA firm that would be put on the sign so we made the signs for both. We can cut out a custom sign like this or add a design and get it ready for you to mount or we can install it for you. We can either paint or powder coat any sign we make as well.








Here are some custom made signs for a group of guys. The they have custom sayings cut out and have a viking logo, clover logo and a skull-n-crossbones logo cut out of them. We can make virtually any sign, shape and size. Just give us a call at 218-464-0456 and we can custom build you a steel sign that will last a lifetime.

Custom Viking Sign

Custom Skull-n-crossbones SignCustom Clover Sign


Here is an Auger/Bucket Rack for a snowmobile. If you're a serious ice fisherman/woman, you may want to consider this custom made auger carrier. This will hold it in place while you motor your way out to your fishing spot and you can throw all your fish in the bucket when you catch them. This is built on top of a trailer hitch assembly that you can pick up at your local dealer and is very sturdy when mounted.




This is a Trikke Rack, custom made for a customer who wanted to mount 4 trikkes on it. Trikkes are the 3 wheeled stand up bikes that you ride by almost skating back and forth on them. This rack is heavy duty and made with 1/8"thk steel, then powder coated to last.




These stainless steel carts were made for a township hall that caters large dinners. We took the "brushed look" to another level and gave them an additional flair to the design. These carts hold plates, cups and silverware and are solid and will hold up for as long as they want to use them.





This sign was modified by us. We cut off some letters on the bottom that said "Fine Foods" and replaced them with "Market". Then we shipped it off to our excellent awards/sign company that we do business with locally and they did the rest. We had to sneak in the store and take a few photos because the finished product is always the best to look at, don't you agree?

Custom Metal SignCustom Metal Sign 2


This medal hanger was made for a diehard athlete who enjoys those mudruns we've all heard about. Nothing like getting dirty, sweaty, tired and possibly hurt in the process. It's a chance you take and from what I hear, it's definitely worth it! Anyway, we made this awesome spartan medal hanger, sublimated the image our customer sent us on it and clear coated it to add some sheen. It looks beautiful. It was quite a process so if you're interested in something like this, make sure to give plenty of time for your order to be fulfilled. Just call us to discuss the process.




Here is another hanger made by us that was cut out and then airbrush painted for the finish. This is a double row hanger. These are super detailed and a lot of work is put into them. This isn't your run of the mill cut out that's just sprayed one color. This has a lot of time put into it. You can get one at this link if you like it: http://www.cuttingedgemetals.com/spartan-medal-hanger-trifecta-double-hanger/





We installed a medical disposal box in the Duluth Police Department for WLSSD so that people can get rid of their unused pills and medicines properly, without flushing them. This insures that these medicines don't get in our beautiful Lake Superior and pollute the largest freshwater lake in the world. Thank you WLSSD and Duluth Police for asking Cutting Edge Metals to make this for you.
Medical Disposal Box 1Medical Disposal Box





The Superior Man is one of the coolest triathlons you'll ever see. To start, the racers jump off the Vista Cruise ships and swim 1.2 miles. Then, they get on their bikes and truck 56 miles, only to get off the bikes and run for 13.1 miles. I'm tired just writing this down. I got even more tired making these awards. They were fun, unique and functional. Next year, I believe we are going to try to improve on them again. As with anything, they can always get better.


A moose is on the loose. We made this custom moose cut out out of 1/8" thick steel for a customer who is an avid hunter. We ground designs in the steel and clear coated it to protect it. He is now salivating whenever he walks in his living room and sees this nice big game hanging on the wall. We may need to do a big game hunting intervention.


Here is a steel arch we built for a boardwalk. This is in a state park in Waskish, MN. The Big Bog Boardwalk. They have a plant called the Pitcher Plant. It is a plant that is considered "carnivore" and can eat bugs and other things. I heard somewhere that they can even eat a mouse. Is this true? This is an incredibly unique plant and deserves it's own park. We also wanted to make sure that our "famed" buddy Jesse made his way onto the internet. Here is a rare scene below with him in one of his classic moves.



This is a custom table we made for one of our favorite customers who used reclaimed wood as the top. We surrounded it with angle iron, built a custom frame out of angle and attached it to custom legs we fabricated. This table is 6'x6' square and weighs approximately 300lbs when put together. This is a beautiful piece.




We made these aluminum, bi-fold ramps for a local landscape company that uses them with flatbeds on their trucks. They can drive the lawnmowers right up these to put them behind the truck and not worry about hauling around a trailer. Smart move on their part. Great company. If you need a quality lawn care company in the Duluth or Twin Cities area, give LawnCare Express a call. 
Aluminum Ramp 1Aluminum Ramp 2



This wall piece was made for a cabin on Lake Vermillion, in northern Minnesota. This customer is pretty serious about their fishing. With a bunch of our northern Mn fish, like Northern, Walleye, Crappie, Large Mouth Bass and Sunfish, we can't think of a better way to dress up a cabin in the northland. This was plasma cut out of 1/8" thick, mild steel, a 2" frame welded around the outside, finished in flat black and mounted in with lag bolts to stay secure in it's spot. 





We made this custom horse, name and directional sign for a customer who is building a horse farm. They will be offering boarding for up to 16 horses, in a beautiful, state of the art facility. They have an Olympic size indoor arena for dressage. Dressage is a sport where the "horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements," and has many levels from beginner to Olympic level. It looks like a horse ballet. If you are interested in contacting them for information, they are Greystone Farm, owned by Ann and Robert Busche and are located in Saginaw, MN. 
greystone horse

horse 1custom-horse.jpg


Here is a loft bedroom set up. There are two beds and two sitting areas. Two separate ladders so each child has their own entrance to their own bed. This opens up the room below to put a couple of study areas and whatever else they want to put to good use in that space now available. The owner of the home then put in the wood "flooring" which looks incredible! It mirrors the flooring in the room and ties it all in so nicely. Well done Dave!
Bedroom Loft Beds 1Bedroom Loft Beds 2

Bedroom Loft Beds 3Bedroom Loft Beds 4


Here is a custom wall panel for a customer who wants it placed on the front of a reception area in their office. This particular piece is 3'W x 18"T 1/8" thick mild steel. We ground off all the mill scale and then put the design on it with the grinding wheel. It has 6 mounting holes. We also made spacers to put between it and the wall so that it stands out a bit. We then clear coated it.


Here is a custom railing job. This work is in a beautiful home that overlooks Lake Superior, in Duluth MN. We call this "Industrial Railing" because it's a natural finish, clear coat so all the weld joints can be seen and it looks like it belongs in a warehouse. We also are putting in beam brackets and other ornamental work in various places in this home. This home is full of reclaimed wood, brick, rock and other things. We were very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work on this project. The home is nice but the family is nicer. Here's a few pictures.
Custom HandrailCustom Rail 1


Industrail Railing 225Industrail Railing 226




Here is a custom rustic vent hood we made for a customer's home. This is to match the surround that you see below. We custom make them to match your project. Just give us a call at 218-464-0456 to discuss your needs.





Here are a couple of custom rustic surrounds that we worked on for some of our customers. We can virtually  make any kind of surround to fit your project. If you have an idea or a drawing and you'd like to discuss, just contact us directly.






Custom Fireplace Sidelites

Custom Fireplace Sidelites

Custom Fireplace SurroundCustom Fireplace Surround


Here is an example of a custom fireplace screen we make. We can measure the opening in your custom fireplace and build it to suit it. No more having to settle for what the big box stores offer. We can custom design and fabricate your fireplace screen to fit perfectly. 





 This is a custom gas fire pit that we made for a customer. It is 6 feet long by 2 feet wide and about 20 inches tall. There is an insert that is mounted inside made of stainless steel which is hooked up to a valve for the gas line. The valve is installed in the end of the unit so you can turn it on and off with a key that is provided. The gas line then gets hooked up to it from the inside of the unit and you are ready for a fire. We also made the cover to match this unit. It is all rusted and then clear coated. We also installed legs so that you can adjust the height of it and level it to your liking. Get a hold of us at (715) 718-0781 to discuss an idea that you have for a fire pit.









This is a custom project we worked on for local artist Nancy Miller that was commissioned to build a mosaic sign for a greenhouse. This is a double sided sign that has beautiful, artful mosaic in the middle. This design was drawn up by Nancy and the frame was built in conjunction with her so that she could place her artwork in it. If you are interested in a project like this or have an idea of your own, you may contact us directly to discuss your idea. Out of the norm is what we love to work on. Unique, "cutting edge" designs are our passion.
Custom Sign FrameCustom Sign Frame

Custom Sign Frame

Rusted Sign FrameCustom Sign Frame

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