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Custom Decorative Railing

A small sampling of custom railings.


Stainless Steel Cable Railing - We can make you custom cable railing. This is a stainless steel railing we made for a customer that is building a beautiful home in WI. We fabbed up these panels, powder coated them in an oil rubbed bronze finish and installed them on site. If you would like to discuss your project with us, you can call us at (715) 718-0781.





High End Custom Railing - This is a higher end custom railing job we did at a local ski resort. This owner has a very neat taste and we were happy to oblige. We custom fabbed these arrows from scratch and added a hammered texture to all of the components to give this a rustic feel. The wooden cap on this railing just added the nicest final touch. Props to the wood workers on this one. Beautiful finishing piece. 






Twisted Tree Railing - This custom leafy tree railing was made for a customer of ours in Sister Bay, WI. They wanted to put some really decorative railing in their store that matched their theme. They are some of the nicest people we've met. We put a lot of hours into the fabrication of this railing but just take a look at it. We also made the tree and some handrails for their ship's ladder. We clear coated everything and installed it all in their store for them. Give us a call at (715) 718-0781 to discuss options for your project.






Custom Commercial Industrial Scroll Railing - This is a custom commercial Industrial Decorative railing that is in Rochester MN, downtown. This was put in a median between two lanes of traffic so as to separate the lanes and keep people from walking across the street. From the scrolls to the post caps, we manufactured every part of this railing from scratch. Each panel weighs approximately 600 lbs. so they were a joy to handle. If you have a need for something this heavy duty and yet decorative, give us a call at (715)718-0781.






Decorative Scroll Wooden Cap Rail Railing - These railings were made to match some already beautiful railing in this historic building, downtown Duluth, MN. The Greysolon Plaza has been around for many years as one of Duluth's most prominent buildings and we were asked to make them some railing to match. So we did. The Decorative scrolls were made from scratch by us. We then took and twisted some 3/4"solid square bar for the pickets and then mounted the wooden rail cap. This was a great project and we welcome you to challenge us with yours. Give us a call at (715)718-0781 and we can get you a quote for a project you're looking to do.




The "Maple Leaf" Railing - This is a nice design that has maple leafs welded into the bottom rail section. We can custom make this to fit any size space and add almost any design in the space where the maple leaf is. Call us at (715)718-0781 to discuss your project.
Custom Iron maple-leaf-railing-2.jpg
Custom Iron maple-leaf-railing-1.jpgCustom Iron maple-leaf-railing-4.jpg
The "King Railing" -  This railing was put together for a great family in the Twin Cities. When we saw the design idea, we like it a lot but when we built it, we now love it. The scroll work is eye catching but the cap rail and hammered tubing adds a real nice touch to the railing.
"Aaseng Railing" - This railing was custom made to match a mirror in the living room of this home. It has a simple, yet elegant design. We thought it was an easy decision to make this design as it leads into the front door, which leads into the living room where the mirror hangs. They definitely compliment each other. 
Here is the same railing in another application. We replaced the stairs, a handrail, kickplate and the railing, which we attached another handrail to. We put a new sign in the dock that has the address of the building and an accent piece under the railing. Then we cleaned up what was left of the iron on the landing of this office building in Minneapolis and repainted it to match the steps and railing.
steps-and-landing-3.jpg steps-and-landing-7.jpgsteps-and-landing-10.jpg
"Stout - Basic" Here is a basic railing that makes a very nice accent to any home. This is a super sturdy, stout yet simple railing that is elegant and is the perfect accent piece to add to a nice home like these. We can make these in mild steel and aluminum. 
"Custom Scroll Cap Rail Railing" -This railing was custom made to fit within the sloping, sweeping sidewalk at this home. A great challenge and fun to make. The scroll work was hand made to match the existing scroll work they had in the home. We welcome jobs like this one.
"Custom Cap Rail Railing" This railing was custom made and installed in a couple different motels. It has a decorative rail cap, with pickets and dimensions that meet building code. This is a great solution to have if you want style and a clean, decorative look. Give us a call at (715) 718-0781 to discuss your project. 
"Diamond Industrial Railing"- This railing was made custom for this home which has a "diamond" theme to it. There's a large bay window, overlooking Lake Superior (one of the nicer views in the city of Duluth), which has a large diamond at the top of the window. We recreated this look in the railing so it flowed throughout the home. 
"Industrial Railing" - This is a really nice way to dress up that industrial look. This railing is custom made to fit your space, welded, ground down and clear coated to provide a smooth finish to the natural metal look. It has a bit of a grey tone to the color as the tubing typically has a mill scale on it. The weld joints are usually ground down, which leaves a shinier finish to them, making a smooth corner or joint on the panel. 
"Old English Railing" - This style of railing is very common and has been around for many years. This provides you an "Old English" look, which is very practical yet decorative. Hand twisted pickets, hand bent cap rail and custom made to fit your space perfectly. Whether it's a few feet of railing or many hundred feet, we can fabricate it to fit just right. 
"Art Deco Railing"This is a unique look. Very artistic and not your typical railing. Hand bent arches cover the inside of this iron railing, making a beautiful design that you will love for years. Custom, welded to fit just right. 
"Diamond Baskets Railing" - An ornate railing, yet not over decorated. A simple, beautiful designed iron railing that looks great and is very functional. Steel is a great option when choosing railing for your home or business. This will not only dress up the space but add solid value to your real estate.
"Vintage Class Railing" - This is a super classy look for a wrought iron railing. Very vintage look with beautifully hammered pickets. Whether you need a few feet of railing or many hundred feet, we can provide a consistent, classy look throughout. 
"Basic Commercial Railing"  - This is an example of a commercial railing, put in to supply safety to those traveling up and down this slippery set of stairs. This is made with 1/8" thick mild steel to provide strength and last in the elements. 
Commercial Handrail (Round) - Here is a commercial handrail we made for a customer that needed it so they could pass code. You can see that the original railing they made was very large and code requires a smaller grip so we were happy to help. This is also a great looking handrail. The details are what stand out on this. The end caps and termination detail as well as the mounting brackets we fabricated to hang this railing. They are all top notch quality and make any stairs look great.
Commercial Railing (Square) - This industrial railing is super strong, made of .125"thk x 2" sq. tubing. It has easy install brackets to put it together with bolts if needed. Or, it can be welded in place. Sturdy mounting brackets for the floor and tabs for the end rails to secure to a wall. Gates can be added. Heavy Duty J-bolt hinges make them easily adjustable. A locking gravity latch makes them secure. The railing comes with kick plates if needed. We can fabricate railing to spec, we can paint it and we can install it. How much we do is up to you and your needs. This railing is painted "safety yellow". You can contact us at (715)718-0781 to discuss your project needs.
sams-club-commercial railing-1.jpg
The "Piper" -- An industrial commercial railing, typically made out of schedule 40 pipe, this strong basic commercial railing is for any company that needs strength, without the frills of a decorative railing. Heavy duty welds and heavy duty construction. 

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